Please read this page before you email us since most common questions and concerns are addressed here. If your question is not answered here, please email us and we will reply as soon as possible.

1) What are your TERMS OF USE?
Click here to read theTERMS OF USE.

2) Can anyone sign up for an account?
Yes! Anyone from around the world may sign up for an account with us as long as you agree with our TERMS OF USE. While we do not allow Adult sites, it is important to remember that we cannot guarantee that someone has not slipped inappropriate material in. Therefore, care should be taken if minors have access to your computer.

3) How long does it take to get started?
Your membership is set up once you submit your information and respond to the confirmation e-mail we send to your listed address.

4) Can I sign up for more than one membership?
No. You can only have one membership. Signing up under yourself in an effort to obtain additional hits is considered theft. You will lose all accounts, all accumulated hits, and your referrals.

5) How do I earn hits?
Every time you open your startpage, wait for the timer to count down. You will then be given an image to click on to view the next site. Every time you do this, you earn hits to your site. The amount of hits depends on your level of membership; 3:1 for free members (view 3, get 1 hit back), 3:2 for Silver members and 1:1 for Gold members.

Furthermore, you will earn hits whenever your referrals view member sites with their view sites bar.

PLEASE NOTE:Any method of earning hits that does not involve YOU actually looking at the member sites on your startpage is a violation of the TERMS OF USE.

6) In my account area, why do I have "partial" views available?
Every time you or your referrals view sites, our system adds a series of partial hits which correspond to our current ratio. For example, a 3 to 1 ratio (the ratio we give to you) means that you would have to view another member's site 3 times to receive 1 credit. This translates into 0.34 hits for each site you view. So, if you view 2 sites, you would have a partial credit of .68 The amount of hits gained from your referrals is based upon the ratio listed for referrals, which would contribute to partial available hits.

7) How fast are my hits used up?
The time it will take to use up your hits depends on the number of members in the system daily, and the speed at which you are earning hits to replace those used up.

8) What happens if I run out of available hits?
Once you run out of hits your page is no longer displayed. You can continue to earn more hits for free, or you can purchase them from us.

9) How do I know when I have earned a credit for viewing someone else's page?
When using your view sites bar, you will see "Please wait for credit" in the left side of your TrafficRoundup view sites bar. When you see this change to "Credit Received", your account has been credited for that visit.

10) When I view sites for hits, sometimes I get an error message on the page but the TrafficRoundup bar was loaded and the "Hit Received" message appeared. Did I still earn a hit?
Yes. The problem was in displaying that particular member's page. You still receive a hit if "credit received" has been shown.

11) How many hits can I earn each day?
Currently, you may only receive hits back for visiting 500 sites per day.

12) How do I get referrals?
When you signed up you were sent an email that contains the link to use when referring new members to the system. You can promote TrafficRoundup using this link. When they join, they will be automatically become your referrals.

DO NOT USE SPAM in your advertising efforts. We have a zero tolerance policy and your account will be terminated without recourse upon the first complaint! REMEMBER: if you do not know the person you are emailing, do not send them an email about joining This includes autoresponders, and Free For All Page autoresponse messages. If you need help with ways to promote your referral page, please email us and we will make suggestions.

13) I can't log in to my account area. What could be the problem?
Have you activated your account? (See the confirmation email).
Make sure that you are entering your username and password correctly. Usernames are all lowercase letters, and Passwords are case-sensitive (uppercase and lowercase matter).

14) Can I buy more hits? How much does it cost?
Yes! Members may purchase more hits by going to the advertising link on the main page of the site. The cost varies depending on the package you choose.

15) Can I change the website(s) I am advertising at a later date?
Yes you can. Simply log in to your account and change it to the new site.

16) Can I advertise more than one site at a time?
Yes! Members may have multiple sites designated in the system.


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